EMA’s department of lighting experts has extensive background in energy efficient lighting designs, lighting control systems, and specialty interior and exterior lighting designs. Team members provide in-depth expertise in all aspects of lighting design and are recognized as “Lighting Experts” by facility Owners, architects, and lighting manufacturers.

Our expertise, resources, and years of experience allow us to be the liaison between the architect and lighting representative. Our in-house capabilities, such as photometric analysis, enable us to determine the best possible lighting levels and create energy efficient designs. By getting involved early in the design and overseeing the entire project as the lighting engineer, EMA can offer design ideas, unique concepts, and assist in making sure the architect’s design intent is being met. This close coordination can prevent loss production time, rework, and project delays.

EMA's Specialty Lighting Services

Theatrical lighting - Auditoriums, black box theaters, ballrooms, cafetorium, and religious sanctuaries.

Sports lighting - Baseball & softball fields, tennis courts, arenas, football stadiums, natatoriums, track and field.

Special feature lighting - RGBW color changing, dimming, art gallery lighting, special needs, and partition spaces.

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